5 things to do during Quarantine

1– A proper Morning Routine:

Even though we’ll be all stuck at home for next few days, having a proper morning routine is healthy mentally and physically.

waking up early, doing the skincare, making the bed, wearing nice clothes and making a good healthy ( and maybe not lol) breakfast

That would create a very healthy habit for the Quarantine.

2- Tidy up: Yes you heard it right, “By reducing the clutter of things, we refocus to what matters.” Whether you use Kondo’s method or your own tactics.

Cleaning has several benefits including decreasing frustration, producing clearer thinking, generating a sense of accomplishment and showing you care about yourself and your family.

so go ahead and clean that corner in your house none see, that closet and YOUR BED every morning.

3- GYM: Eat sleep and repeat sounds to be good during quarantine YES. BUT being unhealthy feels horrible. to avoid that in the future get that mat and do some exercise twice a week. you have no excuse cause all you got is time during this period and HEY stay hydrated!

4- Spend time with the family: Hanging out with the family become underrated nowadays, but I’m telling you all it can be so FUN. Get close to your mother, father and siblings. watch movies together, make popcorn play some games like the old good days.

5- Learn something online: There is plenty of FREE courses out there and from very well known university like HARVARD and YALE university as well as the British council and Google.

all you have to do is go on their website and make sure you get that certificate and add it to your CV.

Haifa Lazreg

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