Building Trust on Social Media X Bochra Chedli

Influence marketing, once thought to be a passing fad, is back and hotter than ever. It is no wonder. Content creators are building a following from scratch, and as long as they maintain a faithful and authentic base, their audience keeps coming back for more. I’ve got no better guest than Bochra Chedli to tell us about her journey building a 200k following on TikTok and how she managed to keep getting record views.



  • Boshra Chedli, can you introduce yourself?


My name is Bochra, I’m 27 year old, and I’m currently working as the manager of Floraison. I admire the world of perfumes and fashion, that’s why I started making perfume reviews on instagram the previous two years. People loved my content and encouraged me for being authentic and for presenting something that seemed to be new for them. Last month I started tiktok in which I shared my everyday simple vlogs and had the chance to build a community of 200k followers on there!



  • I see you building a community on Tiktok, that’s fascinating! Would you walk us through the key element to building a community on social media?


Sure, first of all I believe that being true to yourself and loving what you do is the key to success on social media. People are bored seeing the same type of content in every account. 

Second of all, it is important to know what you love and what exactly you want to present to your followers. Choosing your niche, maintaining and focusing on what they followed you for in the first place is crucial too.

Third of all, the quality and amount of creativity you put in your content is essential and it should be manifested in your brand identity and overall style. 



  • I think we lack authentic content nowadays. How do you think any content creator or business decision-maker reading this right now, can keep it real on social media? 


Totally true, I think that the most important thing is to be true to yourself/brand by posting honest and thoughtful content. Although people think that it is not easy nowadays to be as authentic as you want since social media platforms generally oblige you to follow the trends, people still look for honest and realistic influencers. When you create your own style, world and signature, you become THE TREND. People can only trust you if they see you trusting yourself. Share your story, share why you are credible, show your followers/customers your goals and visions. While this may sound a little self-centered, it truly does work. 



  • Putting yourself out there on platforms is an opportunity generator. Yet it can also have negative effects like getting hate comments and criticism, how do you deal with it?


To be honest, I’m still trying to understand how to deal with it! I Don’t think it will ever end… And it’s totally fine. In fact, we are all human, we all have opinions and feelings toward others and I shouldn’t expect all people to like me. Criticism can actually help me do a better job next time. Otherwise I am more than happy to block anyone who is spreading hatred, or insulting me.

Finally, I think that the more that we try to ignore these comments, the more we can be completely immune to the negativity. And move on easily. 


I love your approach on taking the criticism here. As a matter of fact, your TikTok followers can all agree on it. You manage it very well.

It was really cool meeting you Bochra, and getting to know you more through this discussion! I Believe indeed that building trust on social media is a constant work to do but it pays off in magical ways. Seeing people love you and actually care for you without even meeting you is fascinating! Dear readers,  let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Haifa Lazreg

Creating content since 2014

  1. Hi 👋🏻
    Being a famous person in social media today became so simple ,, but we can say that being an influencer , a person how can built trust and love for their followers, a person how have the skills to convince their costumers for their good brands is what can be hard.
    MRS Bochra , i congratulate you because you are loved for your soft manners, for your clear soul and your hard work.
    Also you Dear Haifa -my favourite influencer- we love you for your motivational spirit, your hard work , your inspiring skills and thoughts.. i can’t forget that you was -and still- one of the unshown people that motivated me for going through work and studies in the same time and much more than that ..
    Keep going in what you both do women! Wish you luck and I look forward to seeing more activities and authentic things from you like you always did 🫶🏻🤍

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