How I maintain a productive morning during Quarantine

Before jumping into what makes me productive during this tough time, I’d love to say that we’re all only trying to survive this covid-19 by staying home, dealing with so much more than trying to have a perfectly organized day. I’m totally aware of that.

if you decided to continue reading, I want you to have the mindset of

”if she can do it, I can do it“.

First things first, I make sure I get up early every morning. To make that possible, I try to sleep for 8hours everyday and I don’t spend too much time on screen before sleeping the night before.

Not dressing up for the day is out of question to me.

I make sure I do get myself ready, do my skin-care routine, put a cute outfit on and wear my favorite blossom perfume.

I made a habit of making my own breakfast during this Quarantine: eggs with a dash of salt and pepper the way I love , the right dose of caffeine and a sweet toast with butter. I do take my time eating breakfast because studies showed that:

“Starting a day without a solid meal tends to have slight but detectable effects on mood, memory and energy level.“

Sometimes if I didn’t feel like exercising before breakfast I do YOGA for 10 minutes and to be honest I’m doing it everyday now leaving gym for the evenings. I think Quarantine made me discover this obsession with physical, mental and spiritual practices, plus they’re helping me deal with the anxiety in this tough period of time.

“Several studies have found that yoga may decrease symptoms of depression by influencing the production of stress hormones in the body.“

After that, I head over to my room and make my to do list that is the KEY to a successful day to me. To do lists are super underrated. In fact, my dad is running his own business: Leader in the region. I still see him while working, he writes down what he’s got to do for the day. Thus I take it too serious.

I start with writing a goal and then small tasks I need I get done during the day. Trust me with this, the satisfaction you get after seeing everything checked on your list will boost your happiness and satisfaction.

Now that I’m already super motivated to work, I can spend hours learning and working on my project.

Haifa Lazreg

Creating content since 2014

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