How to elevate your Instagram – 6 game changing tricks

Instagram shaped my career. The platform has long been a critical participant in social media marketing platforms. This is especially true for e-commerce companies with access to a forum that focuses on visual content and has enthusiastic users and robust engagement. But also for personal branding, digital presence and online reputation.

Instagram has developed so fast in recent years, embracing new features like Stories and Reels that are becoming hard to keep up with. But don’t worry, I’m here to help. It’s going to be quick and straight to the point. Let’s get started.

Capitalize on trends that make sense for your brand.

I always suggest to my clients to use trending audio, but only if it aligns with their brand and tone of voice. Don’t just don’t jump trends that “can make you go viral”. Because imagine if it doesn’t and how bad you’re going to look falling out of your brand guidelines. You’ll need to remain on brand and follow your visual brand identity.

Work on a strategy based on your business goals and stick to it.

Just posting and seeing how it goes can work sometimes, but trust me on this one. You’ll be on the right path when aligning with your business goals and sticking to them. These can vary from increasing income to brand awareness. Set your KPIs and be ready to measure your progress along the way.

Respond to all DMS and comments promptly.

This one can be draining if you don’t do it properly. We all have lives and don’t want to get into social media to the point where we must reply to every comment and every message all day. None does that. Ensure you respond within the first few minutes of posting so your name pops up in others’ notifications.

Engage meaningfully with accounts you want to build relationships with.

The goal here is to build a community because, after all, Instagram is a “social” platform. Treat people like you know them in real life and get to know them personally when engaging.

Assign a specific goal for each piece of content you share.

The purposes behind meaningful content can be; informative, entertaining, inspiring or promoting. Let’s not forget that your Instagram presence should be part of a larger marketing strategy, making it easier for you to categorize your content.

Social media strategies’ success is about consistency.

This is the one tip that brought me to 1m followers in the first place. But this was valid alone years ago; now, you’ll have to follow up with all the tips and tricks mentioned above to make it.

It’s simple to persuade your friends to like pictures of your upscale brunch or to watch a video of your cute pet. But when applying all these tips, you must address the question; Why should people keep returning for more? For more assistance, I’m one click away! Contact me.


Haifa Lazreg

Creating content since 2014

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