If you’re feeling bad read this

First things first, accept what you’re feeling right now, know that all feelings are valid.

Know that you’re allowed to feel bad and make big deal of anything that seems a big deal to you.

nOW I’ve got two things to tell you. one is bad and the other is good

Without further ado, Let me break it down to you;

The bad is that uncomfortable feelings and negative emotions are a part of the human being. Frustration, sadness, anger, loneliness, fear, despair etc .. you just can’t control them, they are inevitable and it’s Impossible to avoid them.

You just need to accept them and get comfortable being uncomfortable like Steve Harvey my favorite motivational speaker says.

The good is, you’re forming your strength, these valuable emotions are what makes you a human.

Listen to them, they are messages from your soul. At the end, feeling bad is not permanent (incase they are, please seek professional help) feelings come and go.

The more you hide your feelings, the more they show, the more you deny your feelings, the more they grow

– Unknown

These 10 following facts are scientifically proven:

according to the British psychological society:

  1. Bad moods can be motivating when they’re followed by positive moods
  2. Embrace your bad moods and they won’t do you harm
  3. There’s a chance you you’ll feel better after a proper cry
  4. You’re more persuasive when you’re sad
  5. Mild depression may come with enhanced empathy
  6. Being in a grump probably won’t affect your mental performance
  7. Sad leaders encourage an analytical thinking style
  8. Feeling sad makes you less prone misleading information
  9. You’re less gullible when you’re feeling down
  10. Bad moods are part of a meaningful life.


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