Mental health during Quarantine – 25 things to do

Because taking care of your mental and physical health is important these days here’s 25 things you can start do today and NOW

1- Meditate for 30minutes

2- Yoga & stretch early in the morning 

3- Take a deep breath every now and then and especially when stressed

4- Donate something you never used

5- Plan a healthy breakfast or lunch

6- Ask for help when needed

7- Say no to something you dont wanna do

8- Go to bed early

9- Listen to your favorite old music

10- Make a vision board

11- Make an at-home-spa

12- Practice your hobby

13- Unfollow toxic social media influencers

14- Drink just water today

15- Video call a friend

16- Read for 30 minutes everyday

17- Compliment someone

18- Social media detox for a day

20- Go for a run if that’s still possible in your country and respect the distance

21- spend 15 minutes in the nature

22- Write down 3 things you’re thankful for

23- Practice gratitude when drinking your coffee

24- Adopt a new habit

25- Laugh & smile for silly things

Haifa Lazreg

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