The importance of routines – 3 proven ways

Come on! Who actually wants to do the same things every day?

What if I tell you a good set of routines and systems can lead you to live a meaningful life?

Growing up, I was always against routines, in fact I tried my best to not make my days look the same. Until I adulted.


I did not see the importance of routines for long time, now I’m able to pay attention to my physical and mental health thanks to the systems and routines I created for myself. Years have passed now, working and studying full time to running a business and working a 9-5 job, organizing aspects of my life was no choice.  I could not do it without structuring my days along with other meaningful systems. What to do, when and how to do it. As a matter of fact, I now enjoy little moments more than ever.

The way you do things is defined by our systems. They are the procedures that are repeatable. Just like in business, in order to assure a smooth internal company run; hiring,  negotiating, marketing and sales, setting procedures and systems for optimizing these operations is vital for success.


At this age, I’m still figuring life out, and this so far what worked out for me:

  1. Plan and structure the day: make the most important tasks first, either you’re a morning person or a night owl. Do what makes you comfortable regarding this step.

I am personally a morning person, just the idea of drinking coffee in my favorite cup can drive me to jump out of the bed, besides the rituals I created for myself. I love to start my day alone, pray, clean my space and make breakfast. By 9 AM I’m already energetic and ready to tackle my tasks.

Same principle goes to my job responsibilities, being diversified. I tend to write everything down a day before, add, and adjust accordingly. For example as a marketer with social media management tasks; scheduling blogs and posts goes early whilst social media management goes at the end of the shift. Meetings take time in the middle of the day or first things first, depending on the matter. All of that is always written down and different involved parties are informed so that any time-management mistake is avoided.


Going through your day knowing what are your next tasks will make your personal and professional life much simpler and less stressful.


2. Associating habits: I was doing this for the longest that I can remember not knowing that habit stacking is actually psychologically proven to work. I pray five times a day, the consistency of the later made me think of adding a bottle of water besides my prayer mat as a reminder to drink water as consistently. Also what I’d like to call the-after-Isha-prayer-workout which is basically a night workout, holding myself accountable for it have never been easier. Linking a habit to another and synchronize both body and mind provide peace and meaning to your life.

You can read more about habits stacking on “Atomic habits” book.

3. Make room for fun activities: When we engage in pleasurable activities, dopamine is released, which leads to relief and positive feelings and reduce unpleasant feelings. For me it’s the 30 minute or an hour walk, cooking a meal or trying a new dessert recipe which I tend to film and document on my Instagram stories! I recommend you follow me there if you haven’t already!

Now I want you to think of doing “fun” activities as self-care activities. In fact, think about it as expressing love to your body and mind. Trust me this perspective is a game changer.


It’s easier said than done but my last advice would be not to take everyone and everything too seriously. I’m not a life guru (yet haha) but these were my proven tips, at the end of the day do what makes you feel best and what actually works for your body and mind.

You are the master of your life, it’s up to you to make it meaningful your own way. And you have all the time possible. Don’t let anyone makes you think otherwise.



Haifa Lazreg

Creating content since 2014

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