When in Tunisia

Dedicated to my beautiful country, i’ve never been this happy writing a blog post . If you’re visiting Tunisia or thinking about it, these are the spots I’d suggest for you. Of course there is much more to add but maybe in another blog post, until then don’t forget to subscribe. Xx

Los angeles, California

Just like the olive trees, when in Tunisia, the palm trees are everywhere especially in the south.

Tunisia has the best golf courses, this one in the photo is in Monastir: the Flamingo Golf.
A huge field with Lake views, full of palms, olive trees & flowers ..

There’s also a breakfast spot, a restaurant & a wedding venue there, so that everyone can get the most out of these views


The magical Sidi Boussaid; White buildings with blue doors and windows decorated with bright red, orange & pink geraniums. A very stunning peaceful city. There, you can have a coffee at the legendary café de délice which Patrick Bruel the famous french singer sang about. Dar Zarrouk a very fancy restaurant to try lunch at, staying for at least one night in Sidi Bou is a must, there’s plenty of Maison d’hôte or Airbnb but not alot of hotels there.


Djerba « la douce » in french meaning softness. Also known as the Island of dreams. With it’s clear cristal water, perfectly white & shiny sand, man i wish i was there right now.

Djerbahood is something else in this Island. An open sky museum full of beautiful graffiti made by artists from all around the world with great meanings , Tunisian traditions’ symbols and Arab world issues etc ..

For more info please visit Djerbahood.com

Djerba Vlog

Mahdia, the second capital of Fatimid caliphate in Africa.

This historically rich city has one the most beautiful beaches of Tunisia encountered from 3 corners. Well known for their textile & blacksmith as well as their heritage preservation from traditional clothes to gold jewelry..

You can clearly see that when walking down the old town.

France, Italy

The french colonizers never wanted to leave this city. Full of French& Italian buildings, Bizerte is so peaceful with its beautiful corniche & green mountains. A Perfect weather all year around is definitely the key to the European polarization.

A ride on the horse by the beaches of Hammamet is a must. Even the idea of it seems relaxing right?

« Hammamet nights » something you’ll always hear when in Tunisia. The one spot suggestion i’d ever give to someone who just visited Hammamet or willing to is to go to Germaine Café restaurant . Vintage designed corners everywhere, live musicians every Sunday night, huge comfortable sofas, a wonderful ambiance! You’d never want to leave.

Disclaimer : all pictures were taken by me.

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